It's All About Professional Polish with the Uniform Blazer

The women's work blazer is arguably one of the most classic pieces of workwear in the modern professional's wardrobe. Designed to add a formal flair and a professional polish, the ladies' blazer helps keep your team looking proficient and put-together. New Uniforms has an excellent variety of blazers for women, ideal for a host of unique workplaces and industries. Shop uniform blazers for hospitality, food service, travel and much more.

For a high-end and professional touch, we will gladly imprint your preferred work blazer. Women's styles come in a rainbow of classic and contemporary hues - from traditional black and navy to red, green and yellow - to suit the spirit and style of your brand. There's also a spectrum of weights and fabric options to ensure that your team stays comfortable year-round. New Uniforms can ship women's uniform blazers quick to suit your needs.