Hospital Apparel

Find hospital uniforms for the entire staff at New Uniforms. From nurses and surgeons to housekeeping and security staff, we've got all your medical personnel covered.

Modern Medical Scrubs

Scrubs aren't just for the operating room anymore. Once only worn by surgeons, scrubs are now a common hospital uniform for nurses, medical assistants, respiratory therapists and others. We've included women's and unisex styles in our collection with a choice of vibrant colors so you can find the scrubs that align with your brand. Choose different colors to identify departments or specialties, or let your team decide what they'd prefer. Also find a variety of lab coats at New Uniforms.

Housekeeping and Security Uniforms

Hospital uniforms are for more than the medical staff. Security uniforms help patients and their families easily identify who can help in an urgent situation. Find classic shirts and security vests in our collection that keep everyone safe. New Uniforms was a leader in transitioning housekeeping uniforms from the traditional look to more modern scrubs. Dress your housekeeping crew in comfortable and durable choices from our collection.

Custom Hospital Uniforms

Whether it's a consultation coat for a therapist, scrubs for a nurse or a classic polo shirt for the gift shop attendee, customization levels up your hospital uniforms. Contact us about digitizing your logo for a one-time setup fee, and we'll screen print or embroider your logo or employee's name on your selections for a professional touch.