Dentist Apparel

Dentist uniforms from New Uniforms show off your team's hygienic style. Set a professional tone for your practice with high-quality scrubs, jackets and dentist coats that can be customized at New Uniforms.

High-Quality Scrubs

Choose high-quality scrubs for a modern professional look in your dental practice. Patients respond positively to receptionists, hygienists and medical assistants in scrubs, making their visit to your office more pleasant. Our collection includes a rainbow of colors in women's, men's and unisex styles to fit everyone on your team.

Dentist Coats and Jackets

A lab coat or dentist jacket adds an elevated professionalism to your appearance. Whether you sport surgical scrubs underneath is up to you. Our collection brings you updated lab coat choices for men and women in a variety of lengths and silhouettes. Our colorful warm-up jackets add comfort to dentist uniforms with layers for warmth, pockets for efficiency and ribbed cuffs for safety.

Custom Dentist Uniforms

Customize your dentist uniforms for a finishing touch. We'll digitize your practice's logo for a one-time setup fee, then screen print or embroider it on all your uniforms or dentist coats. Or have each employee's name embroidered on their dentist uniform for a more personal style.