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Cherokee Code Happy scrubs and Code Happy uniforms are practical, comfy and extremely well-designed. Any institution that needs to add more uniforms to its existing inventory (or is looking to upgrade its brand of scrubs) would be wise to keep Code Happy scrub jackets, tops and pants in mind - along with all of the other well-designed antimicrobial garments that Cherokee designs.

With features like durable zippers, antibacterial fabric and easy-to-use drawstring waistbands (not to mention oh-so chic silhouettes), the Code Happy family of scrubs and uniforms puts a big check mark in the functionality box, as well as the style and comfort boxes.

Add smart, imprinted Cherokee Code Happy scrub tops and uniforms to the workwear you provide for the staff working at the clinic, laboratory, hospital or similar business you help manage. Give your people the best when it comes to their clothing by offering your hardworking staff top-of-the-line Code Happy scrubs and uniforms.