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Style, Comfort & Cutting-Edge Fabrics from Barco Uniforms

Barco Uniforms
Why wear any old uniforms when you can wear Barco uniforms? As the maker of some of our bestselling scrubs - including Grey's Anatomy Scrubs and Barco One Scrubs - Barco has changed the way doctors, nurses and caregivers dress for the better. The brand is known for its limitless comfort and exceptional luxury brought forth by exceptionally soft, breathable and stretchy fabrics that suit the most active medical professionals.

Barco scrubs are made with innovative features that help medical pros stay comfortable and focused on the job. Wrinkle-resistant fabrics offer 360-degree stretch, wick away moisture and never limit mobility, providing an exceptional fit that won't get in your way during long shifts. These high-tech materials can even help regulate temperature and control odors on those especially stressful workdays.

New Uniforms is here to supply you and your team with the best Barco medical scrubs, and we will happily embellish them with your company name or logo.