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Women's Vests

New Uniforms' women's vest collection provides you with high quality, professional, and stylish vests for any occupation!

In the workplace, the vest can serve many purposes. It can add warmth, utility and a professional flair, all while allowing for the convenience of layering throughout the seasons. New Uniforms has an extensive assortment of high-quality women's vests to help you find a style that serves your specific workplace and industry. We can even embellish the women's work vest of your choice with your business branding.

Explore our great variety of server vests or hotel vests to keep your staff looking polished and professional no matter what. A suiting-style button-front women's vest is the perfect choice for high-end hotels and fine dining establishments. Women's work vests can also be quite casual and utilitarian. Fleece, cotton and puff vests are ideal for outdoor uniforms and bring a professional, practical presentation to your company.