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Women's Performance Wear

Our custom women's performance apparel collection ensures the most cohesive, professional, and modern look for you and your employees!

No matter if you work in a fitness facility or are outfitting highly active team members who spend their days moving, performance wear uniforms are a smart and practical choice. The fact is that if your team is sweating, moving or active in any way, your standard work uniforms simply won't do. On the other hand, our women's fitness clothing will help control moisture, minimize odors and regulate body temperature throughout the day. Most importantly, it won't limit movement or cause discomfort.

We have a huge variety of athletic workwear options ideal for creating custom uniforms for gyms, sports complexes, retail environments, outdoors workers and more. Performance wear has come a long way in the past several years. Though these uniform components are made to perform in busy, active facilities, they still maintain a professional look and polish, so they're perfect for a business environment. Shop performance T-shirts, stretchy work pants, hats and more in this selection from New Uniforms.