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Out women's jacket collection provides a durable, professional, and stylish look for any occupation!
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If your team members work in a seasonal climate or a facility with constant air conditioning, the work jacket is crucial to their comfort and success on the job. New Uniforms has practical and good-looking work jackets for women in a range of industries - medicine, food and beverage, fitness, industrial and more. An assortment of weights, materials and sizes ensures that there's a style in our selection that's tailored to your unique workplace.

Explore everything from professional uniform jackets and scrub jackets to casual zip-ups at New Uniforms. High-performance jackets can help workers regulate temperature and stay dry with moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics. Specialty jackets, including women's scrub jackets and chef's jackets, can serve professionals across many industries and help them stay focused on work no matter the temperature or the demands of the day.