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Maximize cleanliness and safety with our varied glove collection!

New Uniforms brings you a great selection of gloves for many uses. Our collection includes nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves for protection in healthcare and food service applications. We also carry white cotton gloves for military and public safety dress uniforms, as well as fleece gloves for wear in cold weather.

Latex Gloves

Made from natural rubber, latex gloves offer excellent protection against viruses and other pathogens. Their snug fit and superior tactile properties make them an ideal choice for healthcare and medical workers in hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes and clinics. Available with or without powder for easier donning, latex gloves have fallen out of use due to a rise in latex allergies.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile is a synthetic material that closely mimics natural rubber. Nitrile gloves have gained popularity as a latex-free option in many healthcare and business settings. Highly durable and affordable, nitrile gloves provide less tactile sensitivity than latex gloves but protect against both pathogens and chemicals.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are another latex-free glove option. Commonly used in food service and automotive industries, vinyl gloves are often more cost-effective than other options, but they may not provide as much protection against pathogens.

Dress and Cold Weather Gloves

Also find white cotton gloves for public safety dress uniforms, as well as fleece gloves for cold weather at New Uniforms. We offer bulk pricing options on all our gloves to support your business needs.