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How To Select A Chic Formal Uniform For Your Workplace

How To Select A Chic Formal Uniform For Your Workplace

A work uniform may not be your first choice of "What to Wear Today", but that is okay!  Here are some tips how to make your uniforms "work for you".

Top Tips: 

1) Stylish Brands

Some brands such as Edwards for hospitality options or Barco’s Grey’s Anatomy scrubs allow you to take everyday uniforms and present yourself as modern chic.


2)  Accessorize

 Adding accessories such as a mask with designs, hats, or jewelry really add to a simple uniform. Accessories can add dimension and layering to any uniform even standard work attire.

3) Colors

Pair complimenting colors with your uniform. When using neutral colors for the base of your uniform it allows you to incorporate pops of color.  A pop of color can brighten anyone's day


4) Comfort 

In the end you know yourself better than anyone and you know your likes and dislikes in clothing. Comfort in a uniform is crucial to making your work day as stress free as possible. So in the end rock whatever feels most comfortable to you to tackle those long days! We recommend putting housekeepers in cute scrubs to add all day comfort.

5) Versatility

Look for chic options that are versatile so you can match it to anything such as a neutral friendly work cardigan or jacket. Try finding inspiration from the stores you shop at from your everyday and night time wear. 

    When you are ready to start your uniform order, come chat with us to help you take your work uniforms to the next level!