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Do Different Colored Scrubs Mean Different Things

Do Different Colored Scrubs Mean Different Things

Do different color scrubs have different meanings? Yes and no. Color can help with the contrasting color of blood, differentiate the staff, and there could be no meaning as the color just represents your daily style.  Read below as we answer some of your burning questions about scrub colors.

How do people choose scrubs?  

Personally or Occupational Obligation - Some facilities let you go with your own style and pattern while others have department uniformity. If you are able to choose your own you can go with any style, color, or pattern.  Some popular stylish scrubs are Grey’s Anatomy from Barco, Cherokee, and Adar.

Why are white scrubs not as popular?

Originally most uniform scrubs were white.  This is because people thought they represented cleanliness. That changed in the early twentieth century because it was thought wearing green is easier on a surgeon’s eyes. Particularly Green and blue account for a majority of scrubs because they neutralize the red of blood. Additionally, when a blue or green fabric gets a blood stain on it, the stain becomes dark instead of red. 

Why color code?

This answer is simple!  Differential departments, professions, or to brand their organization. Color branding may be enhanced with an organization’s logo as well.  One goal is to differentiate colors between different departments or professions for staff, patients and visitors.  Some Examples of department colors: Trauma ward in Deep blue, obstetrics / gynecology department in purple, nursery / pediatrics department in soft pink. Some Examples of profession colors: doctors in dark blue, nurses in soft blue, surgeons in green, receptionists in gray, technicians - in maroon.


Now what should I choose?

The options are endless!  You can choose color, eccentric pattern, fabric quality and cut.  Or you can mix and match tops and bottoms to make use of pleasing color combinations, such as monochrome with a warm or cold color or two differing shades of the same color.  If allowed, you can add your own personality and comfort for a patient with a fun print.